Amanda Freys

United States

Amanda is a self confessed fashion lover. Jewelry is like her first love. Taking a look at the shines and sparkles of jewelry pieces is something which she enjoys doing. Amanda has on several occasions helped her pals when shopping for an important function in selecting the best jewelry.

She also helped her yoga buddy to select the right engagement ring and has helped her best friend choose the best brides hair pin. She can choose the best piece of jewelry depending on the personality and circumstances of the individual.

Amanda recognized that she could share her gift with the entire world instead of with her group of friends one time. This is what moved Amanda to begin her very own personal jewelry curation website, eJewelryGuides.Com. The website offers a lot which range from choosing the jewelry that is right to put away jewelry with all the right jewelry materials and right way. Amanda began eJewelryGuides.Com with all the vision of making it the go to spot for each jewelry aficionado.

  • Work
    • Analyst
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    • College Graduate