Amanda Furdge, Creative.

Amanda Furdge, Creative.

With a clear vision and commitment driving her to succeed, Amanda Furdge is the complete package as an artist. She aspires to write and record organic material with tremendous depth that will inspire listeners to empower change. No stranger to the stage; having already performed at venues such as The Chicago Blues Festival and The African Festival of the Arts (NY) Furdge has hosted and performed on stages big and small across the country and internationally. Born in 1988, Amanda grew up in Mississippi performing and creating at a very young age.

While there was no shortage of talent in her family, (her brother a Grammy nominated producer and both of her sisters vocalists) she chose to hone her skills of singing, writing, acting and dancing through creating for home, church, school and eventually community. After moving to Chicago in 2007 because she 'Felt like she should be there.', Amanda found a safe space in creating, hosting, modeling and performing throughout the city.

Working in capacities such as a teaching and resident artist provided many opportunities for growth and inspiration. Amanda has been featured on numerous websites, blogs, stages, projects and records in artistic capacity with countless artist, some including: Malik Yuself, Harold Green III, Demarco 'Gemstones' Castle, M'Reld Green, Jumaane Taylor, Onjalee LaShay, Meechie Hall, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and many others.

Giving all credit to the Most High, She believes that the spirits of our ancestors walk with us everyday.

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