Amanda Gall

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Thank you for checking out my site.

Top 10 things you should know about me:

10. I prefer blue m&m's
9. I have never had the chicken pox
8. One of my life goals is to snowboard in Chile and Japan in the same month
7. My favourite font is comic sans (just kidding, just wanted to get a reaction from you...haha!) it's actually alt retro
6. I hand write letters to my grandma (often)
5. My favourite t.v. show of all time is the wonder years
4. I row port side
3. I named my dog Cookie purely for my love of.... cookies
2. When I was a kid I read the book 'Harriot the Spy' 37 times. (actually)
1. I love analogue photography

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    • Bachelor of Industrial Design OCAD University