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Amanda Gettgen

Greater Detroit Area Michigan United States

My name is Amanda Gettgen. As an industrious and sucessful senior at Saginaw Valley State University, I am eager to take the next step into the business world. In August 2014, I will be graduating from SVSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree specializing in marketing.

This website is a platform for potential employers to view my résumé and portfolio and learn a little bit about me.

Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life; well realistically that is, I never knew. Like most girls I either wanted to be a unicorn or a pop star. Since becoming a unicorn is impossible (get it together, science) I chose to focus on pursuing the latter. Traveling around the world, fans screaming your name while you serenade them with inspirational lyrics and an unforgettable performance - who in their right mind would pass that up? As I got older my career dreams changed from one occupation to another, but my love for communicating with people from all walks of life and desire to make a memorable impact never faded.

After my freshman year of college, I found my calling and ran with it. I think one of the most important choices I have made in life thus far has been selecting a major that I get absolutely lost in. When I am discussing marketing with my peers or working on an assignment for class, it never really feels like work for me. My experience working as an intern for USA Hockey's National Team Development Program and the Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey Leauge has provided me with unique professional experience, while allowing me to channel my inner pop star in my role as the Game Host.

I thrive on the rush I get from communicating with others, working as a team, creating innovative marketing concepts and following through to make them happen. While my future may not include entertaining thousands of fans while singing and dancing across a stage at Madison Square Garden (there is always hope), a dynamic and challenging career in marketing will provide me with an even greater rush and sense of satisfaction. Through my career I also hope to exercise my courage, passion, and drive to make a difference in my community. I ardently look forward to my future success in the marketing field and all of the opportunities to come.

  • Work
    • USA Hockey National Team Development Program
  • Education
    • Saginaw Valley State University