Amanda Gunter

After agonizing over what to write I came up with this; my veracious appetite for seeking, trying and learning new things sums me up nicely.

Over the past few years I've taught myself Dreamweaver (which I used to create a website from scratch), graphic design (including the Adobe Suite, InDesign being my favorite), and most importantly I taught myself that I can figure out and learn just about anything, which to date is one of my most exciting moments of self discovery.

I also have a habit of throwing myself into whatever strikes my fancy, for instance in the past year I went through a phase of reading non-fiction books about the food industry (very uplifting stuff...) and dystopian young adult novels, I know just about every Johnny Cash song, and I can run about an eight and a half minute mile, do twenty one burpees in a minute and I know the difference between a side kick and a roundhouse kick.

At the moment I'm between phases and open to suggestions and as you can tell, my interests are varied.