Amanda Hoskinson

Los Angeles

I'm a college student. I do other things, too.

During my time at university, I'm trying to get a grip on how things run (specifically on the marketing side.) Corporations, NPOs, NGOs, all of it. My interest piqued when I wrote grants in high school, I was inspired to start my own non-profit of sorts (a fiscal sponsorship). I've been involved with a range of causes, from going green to making music. More recently I've become interested in education, art, global health, and how social media can combine them all.

As of now, I'm leading multiple projects within social media and marketing, and am hoping to take on a few more. I'm a Social Media Assistant at UCLA and the (Pro-Bono) Social Media Coordinator at The Art and Global Health Center.

In dreamland, I will one day have a crucial position in an organization that does good, one that reaches across the globe. I also strive for work-play balance, and hope to find that in a future career.

Besides work, I dabble in volunteering and art.

In 2014, I ran an internship with the YMCA Youth and Government Program, where awesome college students teach even more fantastic high school students about democracy and everything that contributes to it. Additionally, I've found teaching really enjoyable, but I don't think I'll end up doing it professionally anytime soon. I've taught in Mexico, Tanzania, and the States. I also mentored the new class of 2017 into UCLA as an Orientation Counselor.

Artistically, I haven't quite settled down. I played brass and sung jazz, then I bought a camera and took thousands of photos. Most recently, I've been involved with poetry.

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