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Amandah Shaffer

Burnaby, British Columbia

I am a singer/songwriter who is very inspired to write supernatural songs with hidden meanings behind them based on feelings from my life filled with experiences that sometimes are too much for even me to understand. I love expression and there isn't a more better way to express yourself then through words of emotion through the sound of music pulsing through your vocal cords and coursing through your veins like a hungry wolf chasing it's prey. I live to create and inspire and it gives me such a rush to create a great song that not only moves me and motivates me and reminds me why i do this in the first place but does something, anything for someone else that is uplifting and moving. I want you to feel something because I felt so much writing and singing what I share. Spread the emotion and spread the feelings through music. We live on through the vibrations of what we create with not only our bodies, but with our inner soul that is truly who and what we are.

  • Education
    • MRSS
    • Stratford Career Institute