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Amanda Joan (MJ)

Holdfast Bay, Adelaide, South Australia

Amanda Joan (MJ)

Holdfast Bay, Adelaide, South Australia

Hi, I am Amanda (please call me MJ).

I am a 'geek' by day and a fitness fan by night.

"Geek by day?" Yep, I work full time for an I.T. company in Adelaide. I'm also a qualified personal trainer and when I'm not geeking, run our PT business - PT Push - with my fiance.

I've always been a pretty hard worker. I started working in a pizza shop when I was 14 (and I still LOVE pizza!), and throughout high school I generally had two jobs (sometimes three). I moved out of home when I was 16, and just kept on truckin' from there.

I've worked, I've studied, and I've worked and studied some more. I appreciate good food and wine (too much), great company, and have a thing for baking. I also love hot days (say 35 degrees) - when I walk outside and that sun hits my skin it is just amazing!

Now it's time to have some real fun! It's time to get my creative juices flowing, and learn more about taming the beast that be the WWW and social media.

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and like our PT Push page.

MJ x

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