Amanda Joy Fraser

I grew up in Georgia and Florida and graduated from the University of Georgia with my Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature in 2009. I am currently working on my Master's in Religion.

I have had some of the most incredible experiences and relationships that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I currently work for the Women’s Program at Teen Mania Ministries and I love life! In addition, I also teach an English class on campus.

I adore traveling and have visited over 20 countries on study abroad and mission trips. My favorite things are studying biblical womanhood and meeting new people. God redeemed me from a life of bondage, and now my passion is to declare truth and empower women to communicate their powerful testimonies to a world that is desperately waiting to be moved by His words.

In my free time, I work on my Master’s degree, write for a women's blog, and I love to read the Bible and spend time with my closest people. I feel like I can never stop learning and exploring! My hobbies and loves in life include: writing, eating mangos, working out and studying biblical womanhood. Puppies make me scream with delight, and having fun is a high priority for me and I’m willing to rearrange my schedule to make sure that happens. I am also convinced that there is nothing better than cheese, unless its melted cheese.