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I LOVE design. interior design. architecture. furniture. graphics. film. sculpture. art. music. dogs. nature. big cities. hot tubs. going on adventures.

I AM a designer. an artist. a singer. an organizer. a sun worshipper. an amateur photographer. a leader. a recent college graduate. a huge bruce springsteen fan.

I WANT to create objects and spaces. re-think ideas. create memorable experiences for myself and others. own a design firm someday. work with a group of creative, talented and innovative designers. learn. meet bruce springsteen.

I CAN design spaces. graphically and verbally represent my ideas. render. draw. sketch. think creatively. think practically. build things. use complicated drafting and modeling programs. work in a team. manage time efficiently. meet deadlines. explore and research ideas. sing karaoke.

MY DESIGN is modern. innovative. creative. smart. functional. beautiful. unique.

MY ART is personal. simple. complex. graphic. sometimes sculptural.