Amanda Kimmerly

Austin, Texas

Amanda Kimmerly writes, edits, doodles, and sometimes all three at once. She has an eye for error and improvement and likes to use this skill for good—editing novels. Beyond identifying grammatical gaffes (public vs. pubic, appropriate placement of semi-colons), she plunges further—examining the heart of the work, its structural integrity and characterization, using the author's intent as a map to create the best version of his or her vision.

On top of editing, Amanda is also an experienced creative writing coach, providing tools, tips and motivation to clients around the world who need specific guidance in completing their beautiful (and often daunting) first or final drafts. She believes that with enough guidance and commitment, anyone can finish a book.

Even herself. She has co-authored an invented language guidebook with Robert Stikmanz—The Way It Grows: An Introduction to Dvarsh—in order to acquaint modern minds with Stikmanz's imaginary people and their very convincing, artistically crafted tongue. Obviously, Amanda is into the wonderful, magical elements of life. Her career of editing, coaching and writing adds to a larger call: evoking beauty, healing and wonder in the world.

Catch her poetry and fiction in Full of Crow, Pear Noir!, Storychord, Poetry For The Masses, REAL: Arts & Letters, and Strong Verse, with book reviews in Fringe and Black Heart Magazine.

For information on editing rates and services, shoot her an e-mail titled "AboutME" at And visit her site,

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    • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, minor Creative Writing, SFA.