Amanda Koster

Seattle, Washington, United States

Amanda Koster creates and leads client projects that drive change. Working collaboratively with highly visible clients throughout the world, her work includes all aspects of multimedia, including photography, video and other content vehicles that tell stories critical to the advance of messages - for both businesses and non-profits. Starting as a photojournalist and creating content for 18+ years, I am a storyteller.

I am also a gardener. What are the qualities that make a good gardener? Creativity, predicting what's around the corner and a fascinating love for living things prevail. For a gardener, vision, foresight, imagination and tenacity are vital and eliminate unnecessary frustration. Connected with patience is a strong determination among gardeners to see a project through to one single bud or a breathtaking orchestra of blooms. This is what I do.

And last, coding is my single defense for spelling.