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Amanda Kuff

Amanda Kuff is a Florida State University Alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and Communication. Pursuing her passion for planning events, Amanda interned at Capital Events Inc., a local boutique event planning firm, where she spearheaded the planning of various events. Upon completing her internship, Amanda was hired by TalTech Alliance to manage the planning and execution of TechExpo, an annual technology conference. As the Administrative Director for TalTech, Amanda has successfully organized five monthly member luncheons in which attendance has doubled since her tenure. Based on her accomplishments at TalTech, Amanda was also hired as a Business Analyst for Paul Consulting Group. As a Business Analyst, Amanda writes responses to state contracts that are requesting work to be completed to database systems. Ms. Kuff also sits on the Executive Board of a non-profit organization and hopes to complete her Master’s degree in Integrated Digital Marketing by spring of 2015. If you would like to contact Amanda Kuff, please email her at