Amanda Lambert

Language Arts Education (6-12) Class B - HIGHLY QUALIFIED

Bachelor of Science in Education, December 2010

University of North Alabama, Florence, AL

Major: Secondary Education, English/Language Arts

GPA: 3.32

Teaching Experience/Skills:

• Prepared daily classroom lessons

• Instructed approximately 105 students

• Configured student grades and averages

• Developed activities incorporating multiple learning styles

• Handle make-up work/missed work

• Make Sense Strategies professional development seminar

• Familiar with PST (was BBSST) and RTI

• Familiar with Trimester schedule

• RTI students with special needs/failing grades

• Followed IEPs for special needs students

• Attended IEP meetings to discuss student process

• Keeping close contact with parents/guardians

I am a part-time English/Language Arts teacher at Muscle Shoals High School in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I am a recent graduate of the University of North Alabama. I have a passion for teaching children and exploring new ways of teaching.