Amanda Lovell

Columbus, Ohio

Flying through space on a ship made of rock, I am an Ohioan, a runner, a lover, friend, and daughter. I enjoy yardwork and playing with my dogs and you can usually find me at the movies or local pub. I pay the bills via corporate America as a Manager in the Talent Acquisition department of a Fortune 100 company. I love hiking and anything done outdoors. I prefer the mountains to the beach, and a tent over a hotel. I believe that happines is the most important thing in life, and that you have within your own hands the tools to craft your own happiness... not to mention pouring a stiff drink.

My love for the stars will never cease, and I strive to enjoy every minute of this ride through the cosmos. Although I'm not perfect, I do believe that I am enlightened to the truth of existence, and the perfection of mother nature.

I enjoy spreading truth to those who only spread lies, and providing happiness to others through love, friendship, and encouragement.