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Amanda Scott


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[Nineteen years living, currently. Unfortunate, broke college student studying how to survive in the corporate world. A struggling, selfish, unconfident writer with a desperate need to see the world in all its glory and ruin. Another case of hopeless romanticism with a love of books more than human company. (Oh, the irony!)
Yet, this nineteen-year-old writing student with exactly eight dollars and some change to her name is wholly content to live a life worth living as long as it’s with someone spectacular and a good book to get her through the darkest of nights.]
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Hi. My name is of little importance, but my dreams are of the utmost importance. I yearn to be the character of a novel, who travels the world and finds herself in the most unlikely of places. While hopelessly anticipating my soulmate, I am also a realist and know these dreams of adventure and spontaneity only come to pass if I turn off Netflix and get my ass off the couch. (But this episode of Supernatural is just too good. I’ll start tomorrow, yes?)

So, here’s to dreams yet to be fulfilled. Here’s to finding love in the most bizarre situations and making connections that will last a lifetime. Here’s to adventures, heartbreaks, drunken nights, possible hospital visits, and most of all, those endless possibilities and opportunities I just dare you to hold onto and let it take you for the ride of your life.

Cheers, mates.