Amanda Mews

Schuyler, Virginia

I live in the middle of nowhere. Really. The only people who get excited when I say I live in Schuyler (pronounced Skyler, not Shoe-ler) are a) people who live in Schuyler or b) people who watched the Waltons. Other people are all like "Really? You don't get cell phone service there? Wow. How Stone Age."

My husband works for the government and everyone thinks that we're rich (we're not, trust me). The Little Miss is about to start Kindergarten which will leave me at home to twiddle my thumbs all day long and take naps with the dog (not that I mind).

I've started a blog in an attempt to keep myself occupied as school starts and I'm left alone all day. I made a whole list of goals and all of them seem actually doable. Well, except the "exercise" and "eat healthy" ones. I like ice cream and sleeping on sofa. The organization ones may be a tad far fetched as well.

I probably sound like the most boring person on the planet but oh well. I've got a four year old to tuck into bed, a husband to make (microwave) dinner for before he gets home, and a dog that is currently chewing on my forearm like I'm candy. Or chicken jerky. Either one.

  • Work
    • I try to keep my house from falling apart.
  • Education
    • I've done some college, but life got in the way of finishing it.