Amanda Miller Littlejohn

Washington, DC

As a top personal branding coach, I believe that everyone has a unique genius—what’s yours?

Have you accumulated expertise after working for years in your field? Or perhaps you have an innate way of doing something, or a special gift that you want to package for service and/or profit but are unable to articulate what is special or unique about your experience in a way that fully shows who you are.

I am here to help you identify that genius, package it, and build a brand platform so you can share it with the world.My genius is extracting what is special about YOU.

I am gifted at finding the message you’ve been hiding, the expertise you’ve downplayed, the skills you haven’t been able to bring to the forefront. I help you uncover your true strengths so you can leverage them for whatever it is that you want, whether that is a better job, more clients, speaking invitations, or simply the satisfaction of doing something you've always wanted to do. I do this through my signature one-on-one coaching programs, group personal branding trainings, and personal branding system The Branding Box.

I’m a former full-time print journalist and a writer first by training and passion. As an award-winning public relations executive, I have helped non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses build buzz through events, publicity and social media campaigns. I enjoy leading trainings for organizations - helping their teams better communicate with the media and build their brands online.

Specialties: personal branding, small business branding, digital journalism, digital pr, digital communications; public relations; online communications; social media program development; blogs and webisodes; social media training; twitter and facebook; small businesses; public relations for unique businesses and organizations; social media relations; e-publicity; online branding; public relations for small businesses; personal career branding; twitter for pr; cultural pr; non-profit pr