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Amanda Naytowhow

Montreal Lake, SK

Hi. My name is Amanda. I am a proud mother of 6 beautiful children from the ages of 7 months old to 14 years old. Their names are Devin, Carianna, Kelsey, Gregory, Kerigan, and Evan. My partner, whose name is Devin, is a stay-at-home dad to our 6 kids and without him, I couldn't do half the things I am able to. My parents are Roger and Valerie Bird of Montreal Lake, SK. They were married in 1998 but they didn't have any children together. I guess because they each had kids of their own and together they already had a big family. My mother had 4 kids. There are just 2 of us now, me and my younger brother Dylan Naytowhow. We lost our 2 brothers in March of 2005. My big brother Greg Naytowhow and my younger brother Kerry Naytowhow. My dad has 10 kids. They are Brent, Tyler, Darnell, Marissa, Talia, Bobby, Rocky, Levi, Derrick and Kim. Having a big family is great. There is tremendous support when it's needed and a lot of love. You just have to learn to work around the chaos. I work as a finance clerk at MLCFA Inc. on the Montreal Lake Cree Nation. I started at MLCFA in July 2001 and left in January 2010. I came back in January of 2011 with the belief that this is where I need to be. Currently I am working on getting my Certificate in Business Administration at Credenda Virtual College. I would have loved to continue on and get my diploma but that will have to wait until the kids are older.

  • Work
    • Montreal Lake Child & Family Agency Inc.
  • Education
    • Grade 12 Diploma - Montreal Lake School, 1997
    • Office Education Certificate - SIAST Woodland Campus, 2001