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Amanda Nicole

My name is Amanda, i'm 15 years old turning 16 on October 9th. Anyways, i don't have a tragic story to mention, or anything drastic. I've just been thru stuff that any teenage girl has been thru, i was anorexic but i eventually started eating, thanks to one of my friends. And i've cut here and there, because of anger and sadness where i just really wanted to get over with my life. Nothing has ever gotten me to the point of ending up hospitalized or anything, Thank God. But i really do hate everything that i've been thru, i don't trust anyone anymore. And i most certanly don't like being around my family. i much rather be locked in my room, talking with strangers. If you ever need anyone to talk to i'm here for you, seriously. i know how it feels to have no one care about you, and i know how alone you may feel sometimes but i'm here. i live in Puerto Rico, so that means i speak spanish, but i rather speak english; i feel more in synch with myself idk. But yeah, i guess thats all you need to know about myself. byeeeee.