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Amanda Orton

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

I have a passion for problem solving. Working through challenges and complications excites me, and I feel a strong sense of achievement when I find solutions to problems.

I know this sounds boring. The reason I have a passion for problem solving is that I'm excellent at making crafts and I like math. My knack for crafts is inspired by my creativity. I enjoy thinking abstractly, creating something out of nothing. I often envision projects (or crafts) in my mind and then set out to bring that vision to life. My unusually strong enjoyment of math is driven by my analytical skills. I enjoy working quantitatively, manipulating numbers and solving equations.

Problem solving combines both sides of my brain into one passion. Combining analytical skills with creative skills allows me to see and solve problems in innovative ways.

Thus far, my passion for problem solving has brought me to the Isenberg School of Management. I came into college undeclared, and I was in search of a major that would allow me to utilize both my analytical and creative competencies. I was lead to the business school, and eventually to declaring Management as my major.

I have already utilized my problem solving skills through work and holding leadership positions within my sorority. I worked for Stop and Shop for over four years and I now work as a student assistant in the Chase Career Center. Since becoming a sister of Sigma Kappa, I have held multiple positions that have been both challenging and rewarding. Check out my LinkedIn for more details on my experience!

I aspire to make use of my passion for problem solving to make a substantial difference within a company: whether it be making a company more efficient, more sustainable, or preferably both. I hope to find a company whose culture and values meld with mine, and with whom I will be able to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Work
    • Chase Career Center
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • Isenberg School of Management