Amanda Pearl

Writer, Social Media Manager, and Photographer in Los Angeles, California

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I feed off of dirty beats, sushi, entropy, distortion, shenanigans and bear hugs. Originally hailing from the Silicon Valley, I acquired my B.S. in Applied Statistics from UCSB in '08 and have been loving life in └A ever since. By day I'm a Retail Analyst for Walt Disney Studios, by night (and a few afternoons) I'm a Senior Editor and PR Specialist for The DJ List and in my spare time I pen my own blog and volunteer for the Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful.

If you're looking for me – I can be found enjoying quality playtime with my karass, performing witchcraft with numbers and excitedly awaiting life's next adventure.

I'm a spunky girl with a big heart and an open mind, I can't ride a bike and dislike capital letters. I laugh all the time - loudly and mostly at myself. I'm slightly obsessed with my kitties, but I bet if they were yours you would be, too.

My favorite things include, but aren't limited to: fabulous people, nature adventures, live music, engaging conversations, social media, furry animals, sushi, and pure unadulterated fun. Everyone, including you, looks like an animal - and I won't hesitate to tell you which one.

♥ robot ears. urban hippie. statistical model ♥

  • Work
    • Space Planning Manager for Walt Disney Studios
  • Education
    • BS in Applied Statistics from UCSB