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Amanda Pickford


Hi I'm Shmoo aka Amanda Pickford. this page is about me and what I do. First and foremost I wear several different hats. I love the outdoors and call the Canadian Rockies my backyard. I love to Camp, Bike, Hike, Travel and capture it all on camera. I can't get enough of all there is to do and see in this world and love to tell about it.

Second I'm a very crafty person. I love to knit, draw, paint and create, and sell it all on my etsy shop so i can make more! Check out my shop here:

Third I'm a Graphic Designer and Photographer, I work mostly from home for a dance studio. I do design work and manage the website. I'm very skilled in photoshop, illustrator and indesign. I'm here for your design needs! check out my website:

And Fourth and most important of all I'm a wife to loving and very giving husband of 7 years. Without him I wouldn't be the fine lady I am today. I love exploring and learning new things with him and I look forward to every new day with him.

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