Amanda Powers

Daphne AL

Hey y’all, this is about…well…you see, obviously.

I am a true Aquarian at heart, with desire to help and a faithful character I seek balance, often falling short with desire for variety and random habits.

I live from one extreme to the next, by that meaning that I’ve been a single mother to one, on to a married wife and mother to four. Giving my heart either wholly or not at all, and when I am fully devoted to something it’s ‘head first’ and no turning back.

When I am not discussing the stars with my astrological traits (because there is more to a person). I write, on my lifestyle blog where I hope to help and inspire individual growth through, not only our family, but also everyday products and topics. The majority of time I find relaxation in graphic design, that is where my interest stays submerged in photoshop and illustrator.


  • Work
    • Stay-at-home mom
  • Education
    • Art Institute Pittsburgh, Online