Hi everyone! As you see my name is Amanda. I live in Lithuania, and i really love that country! Well, what can I tell about myself? Ok lets get started :).
I'm a student at Kursenai Laurynas Ivinskis gymnasium, grade 1Gd, in my school it means that i'm the first class gymnasium style :D well i'm going to the 9 grade. My favourite lesson is English, becouse I'm learning this language since I was 4 years old. How did a little child could learn a language? Well I'm thanking to Cartoon Network, and Walt Dinsney for this apourtunity, that I could watch all thease greate cartoons, that really made my life special. So day by day I was watching cartoon, it now sounds funny, but I was arguing and talking with the Tv, and now I undrestand why my parents loughed at me :D it cuite looks silly, but now I know that it was necessary, and now I'm proud that I was talking to the Tv!
Well and what about me? I'm really friendly, and sociative person, I'm also hiperactive some times, but it's just small detail :D I have a best friend, her name is Karolina, and she makes my life much colorful, i really love her as a friend! So thats not really everything about me, becouse I woud write until morining :) Thats all