Amanda Rita

Student and Event Planner in Greeley, Colorado

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"Build, create, and market with passion. Passion spreads." ➳

Undergraduate Student

| Global Marketing | Cultural Anthropology |


I am a marketing student at the University of Northern Colorado with a minor in cultural anthropology and a passion for connecting with diverse groups of people. I am active in many cultural organizations back home in Hawai'i, and have taken leadership roles within the cultural communities of my university. I also enjoy leading, hosting, and coordinating cultural events on campus for APASS (Asian Pacific American Student Services). My ultimate goal is to find a career in the global marketing industry that allows me to travel, market, and network with businesses in different countries. My passion for cultural awareness coupled with the desire to communicate across national borders has motivated me to take applicable marketing courses to be successful in the future.

I have held a number of leadership positions at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO). I began my journey as a member of UNCO's Hawai'i club and hosted annual cultural events for the “Kohl” diversity house. A year later, I took on my most rewarding leadership role of becoming president of the university's Hula Club. I organized and trained dancers, put together an event program, and coordinated with the Hawai'i Club to host UNCO's 24th annual Lu'au. I was also elected the role of club secretary for the university's Swing Dance Club. I later discovered "greek life" on campus and I'm currently an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. I live with seven other sorority sisters that help support and guide me towards success.