Montgomery, Alabama, United States

I was born and raised in Alabama (war eagle). I worked for 13 years at one hospital , from 18 -29 years old, i literally grew in that hospital! Toward the end team morale was super low and our once close group was breaking down. So I figured..why don't I see whats our there in this vast USA that we live in. Well through a round-about way I ended up in Kalispell, MT. I loved my crew that I worked with, but after my second winter and a ridiculous amount of snow. I figured that I'd become a travel nurse and avoid the winters like the plague. So I ended up with a stuffed moose from my emergency room, by the way I'm an emergency nurse, and have decided that each area that I travel to for my assignments I will have Montana the moose share the places with whoever reads my blog. So I hope y'all enjoy this. If you are ever from the area I'm in I would love/appreciate suggestions on places that are interesting for Montana go see.

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