Amanda Schindler

Detroit, Michigan

"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" - Ms. Frizzle

I'm a small town girl from rural Iowa who loves to go on adventures, dream great things, read exceptional books, and create the best things: memories. I graduated from South Dakota State University in 2014 and moved to Detroit, Michigan to acquire my MFA in Theatre Management at Wayne State University. With my first year almost completed, I know I have another two years to graduate, but they're going to be some of the best years I could possibly ask for!

As a person who tends to march to the beat of their own drum, I like to try to make an adventure out of every day and aim to be an inspiration to people. Whether it's a trip down the hall, or a small expedition down the street, there's no point in not having fun while doing what you love or trying to make a difference for the better in someone's day.

I've been asked what I'll do once I graduate, and naturally I'd like to start my career with lots of fun sprinkled in. However, I don't have any definite plans in place. I still have a lot of experience to acquire while at WSU, avenues to pursue, and connections to make before I make any decisions. I love and am very passionate theatre and the magic, joy, and adventure it brings to the stage. I hope to one day travel the world and see not only theatre, but as many different performing art forms as time allows, bring back what I've learned, and share it with everyone I can to make a better experience for all those involved.

I'm a student at heart. I yearn to learn something new as often as I can and become well versed in the subject. I believe that I'll never stop learning and that life is filled with wonderful possibilities just waiting to be experienced and people patiently waiting to share their story and everything they have to offer. Life is short, so why not enjoy and experience it to its fullest extent?

I'm a quiet person who enjoys the simple things in life: family, friends, and meaningful conversations to name a few. Despite my reserve, I'm loyal to my family and friends and love them dearly despite their flaws. It's because of these flaws that I learned patience, even temperance, and the value of listening. Life is messy and things go wrong, but that's okay. Life's supposed to be messy. It's what you get out of that mess that helps define who you are. I couldn't have been more blessed to have lived the life I have, messes and all.

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