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miracle mile

Gosh, where to start... From a small town near Manchester in the UK.

I Have a great Mum and Sister and 3 nephews and one niece. Myself, well, I have two cats, Thumba, Siren and one dog, Lambchop.

Started Hairdressing at 13 years old so, I guess I know a few tricks by now ! Going for about 25+++ a few years ! Had a great varied career for 15 years at Vidal Sassoon teaching staff, students then back to the salon. That journey took me to Germany and now the USA. I live in LA, but if your reading this you probably know that.

I now work at a beautiful salon Called 'Benjamin with Negin Zand' in West Hollywood.

My thing is, Hair extensions, cutting and styling hair and teaching. Everyone in LA seems to say that they are a celebrity stylist...... yup, I have done them, I do, do them and you can scroll down for some bragging ! BUT I do love my everyday lovely Mums, working executives, students and really am blessed to have the most wonderful interesting clients. I LOVE YOU GUYS !!

Some celebs to brag about:

Miranda Kerr (just as gorgeous in real life)

Orlando Bloom (same as above and now they have pro-created AND another beautiful being has entered the world)

Jason Schwartzman ( I am secretly in love with him). The nicest, sweetest, naturally funny, healthy lovely man who loves his wife and baby ( and maybe me just a teeny weeny bit ?? ).

The backstreet boys AJ and Nick Carter. (Lovely and really handsome, I was surprised boys but you have stood the test of time well !! But the gems are really their other halves, Rochelle and Lauren. AMAZING women... and gorgeous.)

Gabriel Byrne (Irish, older (than me!) sexy, talented, lovely...need I go on.)

Katie Cassidy (yes related to the famous David that my sister had his poster on her wall in the early 80's.)

Siobhan Fahey singer song writer that used to be in Bananarama and Shakespeare's Sister. (Great friend with the most unique style.)

Lisa Marie Presley (yes related to the King....of Rock and Roll that is.)

So there you have a little bit about me. Nice to meet you x

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