Amanda Howell

Northeast Texas

I’m an enabler.

That’s right. Oh don’t worry! I don’t enable bad habits, or codependent relationships. I leave all that to the Dark Side (them and their silly cookies). It’s all about good things in here…creativity…dreams (BIG ones!)…visionary businesses.

Simply put?

I’m a mentor for millennial maker mamas. My work is all about helping creatives, like you, pursue your big, crazy (AMAZING) dreams. Why? Because being a starving artist is stinky. Because you DESERVE to make a living doing what you love. And because you can’t change the world on a ramen-noodle budget.

This is not for small thinkers, or the faint of heart.

Being a visionary requires strength, because big dreams are scary! Not in a horror movie/kids jumping off the top bunk bed/Jar Jar Binks sort of way, but in a thrill ride/action movie/kid learning to drive sort of way. It’s a good kind of scary. It’s the feeling of a change coming on the wind.

I don’t encourage you to think outside the box. I show you that there is no box, because I want you to pursue your craziest dreams.

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