Amanda Swensen

Audio Engineer in Queensland, Australia

Amanda Swensen is an audio engineer specialising in live sound.She lives in Brisbane and is willing to work all of South East Queensland. She completed her Diploma of Sound Production in May 2017 at SAE Institute.

Amanda has had an interest in music from a young age and had learnt several musical instruments throughout her schooling years as well as regularly helping out her high school audio techs when preparing for the school assemblies. She is AMEB grade five standard on the bassoon, however she much prefers the technical, audio engineering side of music. She has a good sense of pitch, rhythm and timing and can proficiently use DAWs such as Pro Tools and Logic.

This year Amanda has mixed both Front of House and Monitors for a variety of different bands at Max Watts as part of the diploma, most regularly Brisbane based band Death By Carrot, as well as running the 16 track Pro Tools recording session at Front of House for 17 bands during the Mojo Burning festival as well as recording the audio for several interviews conducted on the musicians playing the event, including Australian bands; Elektrik Lemonade, Chase The Sun, and Cheap Fakes as well as international artist Nick Oliveri.

Amanda plans to work freelance on as many opportunity she can to learn as much as possible and to gain as much experience to further her career within the industry. She looks forward to working towards her goal of touring Australia or even internationally as part of her job.