Amanda Tipton

Denver, Colorado

People always tell me that they could never work with their mothers. I own Kokoro Photography with mine. Together, we specialize in wedding and boudoir photography, and we still like each other.

I also actively volunteer for Destination ImagiNation and Ballet Nouveau Colorado. I love to travel, and my dream is to plan a road trip through all the lower 48 states with my good friends, highlighting people already involved in creative endeavors along the way.

I read a lot, maybe 2 or 3 books a week, and a number of these books feature swords or wizards. This makes me a giant nerd. I also obsess over homemade ice cream, Psych, and The Decemberists.

I live with my stupendous husband, AC, and our two black cats, Oscar and Lulu. Having two black cats makes it a lot easier to pick out clothing- just avoid anything white!

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