Amanda S. Vital Bedminister

Beryl Richardson Rd#3, Ebenezer, St. Maarten

A lover and worshiper of God, wife, mother of six, and entrepreneur.

Amanda acknowledges: "I have come a long way from not having it all together, to creating ways in order to keep it together."

Amanda shares further, "Life was never a bunch of roses for me, and actually I was a product of rejection. I had my first child at the age of 16, I didn't grow up in wealth, and I was an emotional mess and having been abused as a child didn't help either. I struggled to stay in school, assist a sick mother, tried to be a mother and work to sustain myself as well as my daughter. However, God's hand was always upon me as He continually opened doors whilst I sought Him for guidance.

During those years, I became so independent that I built walls around me that I felt safeguarded me from the world yet blocked me from the people who really loved me. Hurt, rejection, anger, and unforgiveness consumed my life. The worst part about it was I didn't even know I was affected by these issues because I believed I was a superwoman who could handle the world and conquer it without help. I was in self-denial!

I began a journey of self-discovery in 2011 and it was during 2011/2012 that my life started to change and I began to realize what my purpose really is. I can safely say I have a coach, Dr. Alicia M. Liverpool, to whom I am sincerely grateful. Dr. Liverpool guided me through various phases of my life and instructed me in the way that I should go.

So here I am today, still on the training field because we never stop learning this thing called life. I am here to empower you and share creative solutions that worked for me. I firmly believe they will help to bring balance to your life and assist in having a thriving business."