Balwant Singapore

Dear Friends ! I am Dr Balwant Dhaliwal I am Indian and i am living in Chandigarh India and Singapore Since 1985.I am post graduate doctor of AstroPathic and Ayurvedic Medical Science. I am doing my own business as a AstroPathic and Ayurveda Practice since 1980.I am very expert for best treatments of childless couples and male female all sex problems. I am doing treatments with pure Ayurvedic and Astropathic Medical Science only.I am not using any Allupathic Drugs for my pateints. I can tell you male Female sex during pregnancy.When the any female is pregnant five days over her last Date LMP when she is geeting the result is positive in urine HCG harmonies are +Positive than that time I will give the 100% result of pregnancy that what is sex in this pregnancy. my massage is very clear to all over world " Why are You killing to unborn females children ? Choose the sex of your next baby before pregnancy or after pregnancy any time.When your wife 100% confirm that she is pregnant now that she can get result by my Astropathic Medical Science.My sex determination Technology is 99% accurate. any body who want get result he she can call me any time at my mob in all countries is my same singal Mob is allways working +whatsapp Mob 098150-90902

My others Hobbies :-I am Indian film actor and Punjabi folk singer Song writer also.My song films are running in market meet me at and enter my name DR BALWANT DHALIWAL and listen my songs.

I want more International new friends.I am living in India,but i am meet with news friends at Singapore,Canada,USA Australia,Newzealand as my AstroPathic Medical Science appointments only.if you have any life problems than send me your accurate following details:-

No1 Date of Birth No2 Time of Birth No place of Birth No4 your any Two question send me one male or sms on my whatsapp mob. I will give you 100% reply.Now I am in India for two month more than I will meet you in Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia HongKong and many more countries. my Mob always with me call at 098150-90902

With Regards