Aman Deol

Hi....sat sri akal ji everyone...
my name is Aman. Hmmm doesnt that say it all?
Well no! cause everyone's different. Anyways yah back to me i'm very emotional but strong...sensibile but stupid. if u can understand these combinationz
i luv muziq 24/7...watching movies

i like to capture dis world in my camera lens..i'm a budding fotographer and video director

apart from that i'm learning to develop applications in adnroid and other platforms. I want to grow up in this IT world. I've so many ideas and concepts that'll change the face of this social media business but right now i'm waiting for that breakthrough

In my personal life i'm very expressive. I live every monent with my friends, family and my sweet girlfriend

At 22 right now i wish to grow up like my best entrepreneur "Gurbaksh Chahal"