Amandha Vollmer

Minden, Ontario

~Divine Immortal Spirit &Unique Expression of the One Mind in Alignment with All Life~ ♥There is no Other: You are Me, I am You. Together We Heal the Inner Child & Flower into Our Spiritual Adolescence into Another Golden Age. My mission is to assist people in their true freedom, health & awakening goals, bring alive love within community, and show the world how creative we can be and how we can empower and heal ourselves with out drugs, toxic chemicals, the illusion of the matrix. I enjoy furthering my own, and other people's, understanding of spiritual law, quantum physics, our energy fields, and how to heal at the soul level. This, and the magnificence of sitting down to a canvas so see what wishes to be born out of paint, keeps me alive.

  • Work
    • Yummy Mummy Emporium
  • Education
    • St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
    • University of Lethbridge
    • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine