Amandine Gachet

Well, we are there, it arrived like that one morning, she was not really big, not really small... Not thick, we saw the bones across her tee-shirt. She has short hair, some piercing and strange odd appearance.

She says to me that she is 22 years old, that she is in architecture in Marseille, i don't know if i believe her... But she looks enthusiast, speaks to me about rehabilitation, Tadao Ando and her interest for models, strange... She also talks to me about disposable Kodak, about Marie Chouinard ballet, and about paint spray. She will stay at home this evening, to make her english exercise, wich didn't seem to delight her.

Her name is Amandine, lives in Marseille for 3 years, she has two little brothers who live in Velaux with her mother. She has no cat, no dog, only a Nabaztag was named Roger.