Amanda Mdluli-Mawela

Student, Mother, and Teacher in Brakpan, South Africa

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My name is Amanda Mdluli-Mawela, a married mother of two beautiful children that I adore. It is not easy being a mother even more challenging when you are studying fulltime as well. But I enjoy the challenge.

I am currently pursuing a career in Education. My favourite subjects are Mathematics and Natural Science. In Science I like to learn about our world and the environment. Mathematics has not been my favourite subject but I have grown to like and enjoy it, especially because it allows me a lot of opportunities for the future. I believe in becoming a respected professional in my field of study. Mathematics is part of our lives.

I can proudly say that I am a hard working and a responsible person. Moreover, as a University student it has taught me to be a more sociable person, I like to interact with others and get to meet new interesting individuals. I am a very enthusiastic student and like to deal with challenging tasks.

Most people think I am a shy person, I think it is because I take time to befriend others. This could relate to the fact that I am an analytical person. I am not easily persuaded by what I see on the surface but I prefer knowing underneath as well. But as soon as I meet people who are happy to meet me, I feel extremely comfortable with them. I believe that through friendship we exchange new ideas, learn new things about each other and experience new things. Much can be achieved when two or more people pull together. Therefore friendship is an important human value. Furthermore, my caring personality allows me the opportunity to interact with people on an emotional level. It fulfils me to be of help to others.

My strong point is that I am a very enthusiastic student. Working to the best of my abilities and potential enables me to work with a sense of purpose in every aspect of life.