Amanjot Johl

The healing touch of a professional masseur is one of life's luxuries, a decadent experience that is focused purely on the recipients pleasure. The feeling of pure bliss, your body relaxed and rejuvenated, is one that Healers Touch Masseur (HTM) believe should be shared by everyone. That is why HTM are bringing the art of massage to your door for the most competitive prices around!

HTM began as a small family over a decade ago, not advertising their work, keeping these gifts to themselves. However, as time went on, HTM began to get requests from extended members of the family, friends, neighbours, the occasional stranger introduced to HTM in the street. It was then that HTM started to become more professional in style and delivery.

HTM are now operating as a service available to the general public. The prices are the most competitive around, because of HTM's passion for making massage a more inclusive experience.