Mann Mattali

Shah Alam, Malaysia

~ Stubborn and hard-hearted. ~ Easily angered. ~ Loves attention. ~ Deep feelings. ~ Shy. sometimes wise, sometimes silly .. love to travel n online .. love to cook, watching tv, dvd n vcd .. bla .. bla .. bla .. internet is a must for me .. at least once a week, or else .. i don't know how to answer .. rather spend time at home if there is a chance .. love to window shopping alone or with a company or two .. sometimes i need to make my own decision .. so, if i need some advice, i'll bring along friends .. mcD fanatic! i love mcD so much .. i can have McD on daily basis .. huhu .. can't remember for how many years, i've been planing to lose weight .. hopefully this will be the year! xoxoxo

  • Work
    • Malaysia Airlines
  • Education
    • SMK LB Miri
    • smk bm saratok
    • smk luar bandar miri
    • SMK BM Saratok, Saratok, Sarawak, Malaysia
    • Chermai Jaya College