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Amar Agarwal

Small Business Owner in Providence, Rhode Island

CEO & Founder, Ivara Worldwide Inc Building businesses from scratch. Proven skills in business, marketing and financial management, having taken globally renowned, Fortune 500 companies from the conception stage to IPO stage. Ability to work in proactively diverse and inclusive organizations cutting across industry types, niches or geographic or linguistic variants. Excellent, proven interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills. Innovative leadership, have developed for over two decades a fair amount of path-breaking business processes and marketing ideas. Ability to manage and supervise huge teams. Ability to highly multi - task and work in a fast - paced setting or environment. High ability to cope with conflict, stress and crisis situations. Effective problem - solving and mediation skills. Effective and highest ROI-converting mentorship and knowledge transfer skills.

  • Work
    • World Economic Forum
  • Education
    • Harvard Business School
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, USA)
    • California State University, Los Angeles