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Amar Ramesh

Your wedding is one of the most divine and precious moments in your life. As a photographer, I feel privileged to be chosen to participate and document your wedding. It was my passion for photography that made me take that huge leap of faith and return to India, leaving a comfortable life and a satisfying job as a consultant in the U.S. to pursue wedding photography in my homeland.

There's no place more exciting to be a wedding photographer than India. Endless bursts of color, stunning pageantry, and amazing opportunities to capture the special moments and emotions we will seal in our hearts forever. I have a keen interest in witnessing and capturing the varied traditions and rituals in indian weddings. Experiencing firsthand the rich cultural diversity of India is a genuine thrill for me.

My illustrative style is a blend of documentary, fine art and candid photography which ensures you get the photos you really want. Be it a small intimate affair or a grand event, I am focused entirely on capturing your celebration. I have had the privilege to cover a wide variety of weddings over the past 3 years, each an amazing experience I will never forget.