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Dublin, Ireland.

I am a management student with 6 years of work experience in sales and marketing. Started at ground level, learnt the basics and developed the expertise with experience. Good communication skills. Experience consists of Real Estate, Leisure, Telecommunications and manufacturing with roles of sales and marketing in the above industries. Dynamic, a good team player and best when it comes to take own initiative and a good leader. Good knowledge about digital marketing and strategies. Planned and developed the website for MIIPL while working for them as sales and marketing manager. Implemented a digital campaign as a distributor for LAVA mobile for the selected region, digital campaign focused for B2B to increase sales and B2C for increasing brand awareness. Social media strategies and campaigns developed and implemented for LAVA mobile. Good knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft applications and some other software’s. Updated on most of the apps on the Google play and app store. Organised events for Inox Leisure Ltd. Developed customer relationship.

  • Education
    • MSc in Marketing