Amara (Poolswasdi) Hulslander

UX Designer and University Lecturer in Denver, Colorado

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I'm currently a UX designer on the consumer electronics team at in the Denver metro office. In the evening, you can find me teaching UX research and design at University of Colorado-Denver and General Assembly-Denver.

Previously at Sphero, I was the lead physical and digital experience designer on the Star Wars Force Band. I worked directly with project leads and technical teams to help define and design the product UX.

My role and responsibilities include:

-Applied user research for feature exploration, scoping, development, and refinement

-Field research with children and adults (My intern and I logged 600+ research participants in 6 months)

-Human factors design and research (design, analysis, and management across the Force Band product system, including: users, multiple device user interfaces, play environments, modes of play, correct use of products within the system, and management of error cases)

-Gesture ergonomics and industrial design optimization

-Active and ambient play design, including haptic, audio, and light feedback and feedforward systems

-End-to-end physical and digital user experience design, from unboxing to onboarding to returning play experience

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Previous to the Force Band, I was on the launch team for the app-enabled Star Wars BB-8 droid. My role on this project included human factors design, interactive design, usability optimization, and user research.

  • Work
    • Amazon, UC Denver, et al
  • Education
    • Iowa State University