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Amar Braithwaite

Amar Braithwaite is an experienced, hands-on digital marketing mastermind accountable for leading the 'big idea' development, execution, and management of innovative, results-oriented, cross-channel and omni-channel digital marketing campaigns.

Amar is a passionate advocate for the end user who feels most at home as a champion in converging business and consumer needs when collaborating with teams on new media projects.

Amar Braithwaite is a savvy, digital strategist with a successful track record in leading digital marketing and strategy for innovative brands, agencies and startups.

Amar is constantly inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of new media with a skill set built on the art of leveraging digital technologies, architecting positive user experiences, and engineering social media marketing strategies.

P.S. - "Expectations are planned resentment!" - Amar Braithwaite