Andrzej Marczewski

gamification consultant, games, and solution design in England, United Kingdom

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Since 2011 I have been writing about all things gamification. This has evolved into working as a gamification consultant both for my own company Gamified UK and more recently at G2G3. Working with clients to discover gamification and game-based solutions for their problems could be described as my “professional joy”.

Along the way, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak at events such as Gamification World Congress (2013,2014,2015), SocialNow, Ark Conference and more. I was even voted once of the top 3 gamification experts in the world by Gamification World Congress three years running. In 2015 I took a leap of faith and self-published a book on gamification, Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play and have been delighted with its success, even being made a textbook at the University of Wisconsin Stout.

Gamification has become as much of a passion of mine as games have been all my life. The potential to improve almost any warp of life using the lessons we can learn from games and psychology is truly exciting. Mix this with a love of social media, technology, SciFi and superheroes and I could be happily described as a bit of a geek!

Before all of this, in 2006 I started a side project called Yet Another Review Site to review video games and hardware. Developed with the idea that anyone should be able to have the chance to get into reviewing, it sees thousands of monthly visitors and has several editors and reviewers helping.

Specialities: Gamification, Innovation, Web Development (ASP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP), Social Media, Video Games, Engagement, Loyalty, Serious Games

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