Amari Villa

Small Business Owner, Project Manager, and Director in Spartia, Greece

Amari Villa

Small Business Owner, Project Manager, and Director in Spartia, Greece

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Amari means ours, so during your stay at Amari Villa it will be your home from home. We first discovered Kefalonia in 2000, when we as travel agents used to send our clients to this amazing Island. As our clients would come back and tell us about their stay, they would tell us their holiday stories and how much they enjoyed their stay in the Cephalonia sun, and how they couldn’t wait to visit Kefalonia again and again.

Our local estate agent Keith was one such client who, once he came back would tell us about his family's holiday, the incredible experience, the great hospitality of the locals and the relaxing time they had away from it all. We wanted to know why people kept visiting Kefalonia again and again and discover for ourselves what was so special about Kefalonia.

So our Kefalonian adventure began……….

Our first visit in 2003, we stayed at Liakas Village and it was a great setting to see the Island and discover all its beautiful beaches, historical sites, the welcoming locals and the incredible views of Kefalonia. We just fell in love with the Island and decided this is where we would like to have our own paradise in the sun, our very own holiday home.

We met Dmitri and Maria who own Liakas Village and through them met Andreas (Maria's father), from the Free Coffee House, who introduced us to the land where Amari Villa now sits.

In 2005, we arranged for builders and all other workmen ourselves, bypassing the control of the build by the architect and project managed the entire process ourselves. Foundations were laid, however, we had to delay building as, unfortunately, Dina fell ill.

We finally started building in 2008 and finished in 2009.When the build was finally complete we couldn’t believe that we have achieved our dream. When we look back, we just can’t believe what we did and how we did it. We were lucky that we met so many people, some of them really good friends now, who really cared about what we wanted and how they helped us get there.

We hope the natural setting, amenities, and the entire feel of Amari Villa will be a welcome escape for all our guests. In fact, many past visitors have commented that their time at Amari Villa was like a retreat at their own personal, private resort. We couldn't agree more!

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