A.Maria Caldwell

Small Business Owner, Volunteer, and Student in Louisville, Kentucky

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I am a volunteer, and student currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. My interests range from travel to sports. I am also interested in fashion, sailing, and music.

I am the Founder and CEO for The AMARIAC Agency.

We are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Social Welfare Agency that is committed to providing Intermediary Support Services to members of disadvantaged populations that seek to overcome the common barriers that often lead to a relapse into self defeating, unproductive behaviors (recidivism). The level of services we are equipped to provide services to are identified through our assessment process. Those who do not qualify are given referrals to credible community partners that are better situated to help individuals with advanced needs.

We offer an integrated cognitive behavioral change program, soft skills training, educational planning, entry level job (re)training, and guaranteed economic opportunities after the successful completion of the individualized program. These tools are essentially needed to sustain a non-impoverished quality of life.

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