Amarish Mena

Miami, Florida, Usa

-My Major is Public Administration

-I am a Senior

-At the moment I am working at a homeless non-profit organization. I am interested in working with the community and helping however I can

-I expect to learn a little more about what I can do with a career in Public Administration and how I can use my skills to help the community as best as I can

-I love listening to music and hanging out with friends

- In 5 years I would love to be at a stable job, preferrably a non-profit

- Two of my favorite links:

I am 24 years old and have always loved to work with people. Being involved in the community and being aware of what is going on around me is my passion. Currently I am working with a homeless non-profit organization and this has allowed me to learn about what people go through in their lives that lead them to that situation.

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  • Work
    • Rock of Life Homeless Ministry
  • Education
    • Bachelors in Public Administration- 2014