Amaris Mesa

I am a born resident of Brooklyn, New York from the Dominican Republic. I have worked in Film and theater production along with the nonprofit and education sectors in youth leadership, community development, management and training for 20 years. I love incorporating soul work, theater, Hip Hop, film, media and arts culture as a form of alternative education, healing and activism in just about any training or project. I enjoy being a mom, Reiki & Holistic healing, taking on task forces, management projects and organizing on the side building towards international solidarity. I hold an Associates in Human Services, a B.A. in Psychology minor/ Sociology and a Masters in Organizational Management with a specialization in Leadership. I'm member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and have served as advisory council member in my local beacon program. I founded Real Talk NYC a consulting firm in leadership development and management. For ways to get involved join me through the Real Talk NYC online community at or through any of the links below.